Nikolett :: Ankhaneko

Individual artist, designer and PCB artist of
Fine Arts enthusiast, illustrator, sculptor, graphic designer & product designer who is always eager to learn something new.

Content manager of Smoke & Mirrors.

I gain inspiration through a couple of things.

By observing our artificially enriched environment and organic nature side by side, the way our doings reshape the ecosystem and how nature reclaims this space where it manages to slip a seed into the cracks of broken concrete.

By dwelling in the past and lament at the values of old traditions in cultures, to awaken the desire to create a form of tribute to them.

By taking a walk in nature and watch in awe how fussy our own species is compared to something as timeless as that: albeit our species is a constantly evolving thing, it somehow more often than not fails to respect where it originally came from.

To combine Old and New is one of my ways of creation: most of my digital paintings and drawings have a pencil lineart as their skeleton. Everything starts from a traditional origin in my workshop, be it a workflow involving powertools such as a laser cutter or a rotary tool or just taking sketches of the next idea for an upcoming project. 


I am fond of art history, ancient and medieval times.

Present Times and Times Yet to Come.

To explore the Unknown and learn from the Known.

I put effort into the Future I wish to see in my lifetime and beyond it.

I am making a series of comics featuring the adventures of Dinoboi.

Find the latest release here!


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