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I find great pleasure in working with different materials, and to combine them and bring them together into a working balance. Metal with stone, wood with shells, leather and fabric riveted with metal... 


Having a professional past printmaking, I often use the same etching method applied in printmaking to prepare metal jewellery and accessories, which is masking them and submerging them in acid. At the end I may add a sigh of patina using other chemicals to age an artpiece.

I believe there is a way to make modern powertools establish harmony with projects that resemble things from ages of old. This mindset is how I completed one of my most meticulous miniature projects: a 1:1 scale mosaic replica of The Royal Game of Ur.  


Projects were I prepare boardgames and other wooden products by hand process or laser cutting.


Projects which combine natural materials: minerals, metals, clay and wood.


Products made with leather and fabric, often combined with other bits.

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