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I finished the traditional printing course during highschool, which granted me a professional diploma within the field. Over the years, I learned about several printing techniques: linoprinting, woodblock printing, intaglio (metalplate printing), and litography. At the bottom of the page you can see previews of some works in progress. Till today I get to work on printmaking projects and commissions, now with my own printing press and workshop at home.

"There is more to it than meets the eye". Intaglio print series.
The stick insects are my own.

Growth of the Cacao Bean. Intaglio series.
Thesis work for my traditional printing diploma.

Cacao Bean I.
Cacao Bean II.
Cacao Bean III.
Cacao Bean VI.
Cacao Bean V.
Cacao Bean IV.

Helianthus. Intaglio print of a sunflower from my village.

Lithograpy & Linoleum printing projects.

Beolvasott_20170301 (49)
Beolvasott_20170301 (87) copy

Some work in progress ...

20221009_213744 copy
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