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Sculpting is a medium which brings imaginary concepts into life, the workprocess giving them their own soul. Be it made by hand using traditional materials, or done using 3D modelling software, the way one forms figures, statues, sceneries, dioramas, accessories for other models is always extremely rewarding when the finished thing is right in front of the viewer.


Digital and traditional approaches to the same method of creation can be combined together, which is something I also enjoy doing. One of the dioramas in the “Handmade sculptures” category has been made using polymer clay, but enriched with accessories made with mixed media: laser cutting, resin casting and more. It also allows me to 3D model my own jewellery, which then I can get made in different metals using lost wax casting.

20220611_145930 copy_edited.jpg

Sculptures made entirely by hand using polymer clay, painted and decorated with other materials.


3D modeled figures I printed with an SLA printer, then finished by handpainting.

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