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The members of combine talents of two worlds: making functional electronics products which are aesthetically pleasing using artwork made with care and passion.


There are all sorts of projects: soldering kits for beginners and for more experienced folks, as well as LED-lit lapel pins, SAO and electronics-free PCB projects. For other aspects of the brand identity of, check out the official website, and my gallery here.

The Little Prince Pin Set - Le Petit Prince

A set of 2 pins featuring the Little Prince and his friend the Fox, happily shining together. Keep one, give the other to your loved ones.

Joule Thief Cat - Soldering kit for children and adults alike

An adorable but mischievous cat who feeds on electricity, using every bit of energy left in discharged batteries. Insert your discharged AA battery (or AAA using the optional adapter) from your remote controller, multimeter, or other appliances, to give it a second life and light up the eyes of the Cat! But first you must help him get his parts back in place! The Joule Thief Cat is a beginner-friendly soldering kit. All the parts are through-hole, and are included.

The cat comes with her own wardrobe: choose between festive Santa Hat, the spooky Witch Hat, or the elegant Straw Hat.


A kit for a jack-O'-lantern ornament, the flickering yellow LEDs emulate the light of a candle. The level of soldering is beginner to intermediate, the lantern can be powered via CR2032 coin cell or USB C. The parts are half through hole, half SMD and all included!

Tyrannopixelus Rex - SAO or battery powered blinky LED pin

You might have met him before, when WiFi wasn't working at home on a train journey in the middle of the countryside. At the flip of a switch, his eye will happily blink different colors~ The friendly dinosaur can be built in two ways, a pin powered by a CR2032 battery or as an electronic badge addon.

CYBERSCARAB - SAO or battery powered blinky LED pin

Originally created as a companion to Bastet, the HackerHotel2020 badge, our CYBER SCARAB holds 2 shiny blinky jewels said to contain immense power. The CYBER SCARAB, powered with a CR2032 coincell battery can be assembled as a pin to wear on your clothes or as a badge addon! Parts to build both versions are included in the kit.